Chandeliers For Pubs

How To Choose Chandeliers for Pubs

Decorate your pub, bar, or lounge space with elegant chandeliers to create the perfect ambiance for your guests.  Chandeliers can be used as interior or exterior lighting in pub, lounge, and bar settings.  Our chandeliers can help you achieve the ambiance you seek to create in your pub.  A recent study showed that 72% of people surveyed stated that they left a pub or other venue earlier than they would have otherwise due to the lighting quality.  Survey respondents took issue with lighting ensembles that were too bright or too poorly lit.  Make sure to avoid these problems in decorating your pub and bar space by using different types of lighting and decorating strategically to enhance both the form and the function of the pub space.

A wooden chandelier can be a great decorative piece for a bar that is seeking a more down-to-earth atmosphere.  Our wooden chandeliers are both modern and timeless, and are offered in a variety of designs, from simple to elaborate.  Sometimes, less is more when it comes to design, and although a crystal chandelier can be a beautiful decorative touch, wooden chandeliers are easier to install and more sturdy with fewer parts, meaning that they are less likely to break.  Wooden chandeliers are also less likely to lose a crystal or require complicated cleaning or maintenance.  Especially in the current trend of bars which have a rustic, contemporary feel, wooden chandeliers can be a good statement piece for your restaurant venue.

Read on for some lighting tips that can help you decorate your pub space with our beautiful chandeliers.  We offer not only traditional style chandeliers but also a variety of other types of light fixtures that can be used in many different settings.

To properly illuminate your pub space, first ask yourself some important questions, such as:

  • What is the purpose of this space?

Will you be using the space as a bar where visitors can stop in and enjoy a quick drink or meal with friends, or is the environment more of a lounge space where guests can listen to live music, enjoy a more substantive meal, and relax with friends and colleagues?  If your pub is more of a concert venue, you may want to opt for a lighting schema which directly focuses light on the stage or live music area in a way that does not allow the light to illuminate surrounding tables as much to contribute to a more comfortable feel.


  • Is the space primarily an indoor or outdoor space?
    Especially at night, outdoor light fixtures must be more durable and provide a greater amount of light.  Typically, indoor fixtures can be more versatile and have a softer light quality than outdoor fixtures.
  • What do you want the final result to look and feel like?

You should approach your lighting decisions as you would any other décor decision in your restaurant.  Think about the type of experience you wish to create for your guests, and use this vision to guide your lighting decisions.


Include your lighting schema in your overall design

Many restaurant owners do not take their lighting schema into consideration when designing their pub or bar.  This is unfortunate, because good or bad lighting can make or break a pub’s success.  Guests will spend less time and money in a brightly illuminated space that feels like a hospital and will opt instead for cozier places with more subtle use of lighting.  Therefore, make sure to design your lighting strategy just like you would other aspects of your décor, such as the choice of tables and chairs.  This means that you will also have to consider aspects such as the placement of electric sockets and the use of extension cords to achieve the desired lighting effect.  Designing your pub, bar, and/or lounge space with the lighting design in mind will ensure that you can create the best experience for visitors to your establishment.

Use dramatic and unique ambient “mood” lighting for a bar or lounge space

The most important thing about a bar or pub space is its ambiance. Visitors to your bar are there primarily to enjoy the atmosphere, have food and drink, and connect with friends.  Do not underestimate the importance of lighting in your pub space, as the proper lighting can turn the most bleak space into an inviting and fun place.  You will want to make the lounge space both enjoyable and functional.  Dim so-called “mood” lighting can help set the tone at night, while smaller lights such as provided by a table lamp or wall-mounted lamp can provide the direct illumination necessary to read menus and sign receipts.

Brightness of a light source can play a large role of the guests’ perception of the pub environment.   You may want to consider installing a dimmer to use with your light fixture so that you can adjust the light settings.  The best type of light for a pub atmosphere is typically warm light that provides a cozy, intimate feel, but you may want to experiment with various brightness levels for different times of day or different seasons in the year.

Don’t shy away from color

It may seem bizarre, but new energy-efficient technologies enable users of our chandeliers to use energy-efficient LED light bulbs of various hues.  Many fun light bulb colors are available, including red, orange, yellow, blue, and green, and can be installed in our wood chandeliers.  While restaurants have a more conservative décor schema, pub owners can take more liberty in designing their pub by incorporating a variety of lightbulb colors.  However, be sure to use color sparingly – oftentimes, less is more when it comes to incorporating fun and unique visual elements.

If you do go the color route, make sure to take some precautions that won’t shy guests away from your locale.  For example, if you do use green lamps, make sure to not use them where people are seated, as it will cause visitors to look green, which can be unflattering.

In your illumination strategy, seek to incorporate lightbulb colors that invite easy eye contact between patrons and try to illuminate the spaces in a way in which visitors are invited to spend more time, which translates to more money, in your establishment.

Mix different types of lighting to achieve the desired effect

Utilize the principles of “layered lighting” and try to strike a balance between focused (direct) light which emphasizes specific areas and brings them to guests’ visual attention, and indirect light, which serves to create ambiance.  Direct light includes lights such as spotlights which are focused on an object to attract guests’ attention and improve the visibility of that object – such as a menu.  Indirect light includes chandeliers and pendant lights, which typically offer softer, more diffuse illumination.

As a general rule, focus on ambient lighting first.  Ambient lighting will serve as the main form of lighting for your bar.  Task lights such as pendant lights can help guests see better without adding too much brightness.  You can also use spotlights or wall lights to highlight the visual details of specific aspects of your bar or lounge, such as the drink selection or artwork.  Decorative lighting and effect lighting are two additional types of lighting that can be used to add charm and ambiance to a restaurant without adding too much light.  For this type of decorative lighting, you want to maximize aesthetics rather than function.

Use ceiling lights in bar and lounge areas, but opt for strategic use of spotlights also

Ceiling lights, in particular, are great for the bar area as well as in a lounge area as they can help create a more chill or mellow mood.  We offer a wide variety of ceiling-mounted chandeliers that can help you achieve the pub atmosphere you are looking for.  Wall lights, such as spotlights, are a good addition to any bar or lounge also – for example, to focus beams of light on bottles of beer and wine that you have at the bar, or to shine light on a piece of wall artwork, so that guests will direct their attention to these items.

Think pendant lights

Pendant lights are a popular choice to illuminate bars.  As their name implies, pendant lights are drop lights which hang from the ceiling, and can be installed directly above the bar table so that light shines directly downward, helping guests better read menus, for example, without providing too much light.

Pendant lights with opaque shades, such as the wooden pendant lights that we offer in our shop, can illuminate the surface of the bar and offer more of a directed “task” light that enables guests to better read menus while maintaining an overall low illumination level in the bar.  Many pendant lights are also adjustable, which means that the drop length can be modified to fit your bar space.

We offer many beautiful pendant lights to help you achieve the right look for your bar or lounge space.

Make an impression on guests with a statement piece

In the fashion world, a statement piece is the first thing that people notice about one’s outfit.  Without being overly showy or out-of-place, a statement piece is meant to, as its name implies, make a fashion “statement.”  Likewise, consider a “statement chandelier” to wow guests as they first walk into your establishment.  A wooden chandelier can be a great statement piece to achieve a down-to-earth and contemporary look for your bar or lounge space.  A wooden chandelier is also a good choice for soft ambient lighting because the light is reflected by and diffused by the wood softly, adding a cozy element.  A wooden chandelier also offers a modern and even rustic touch to your bar space.  For bars which are aiming to create an atmosphere of warmth and simplicity, a wooden chandelier can be a good alternative to a fancy and perhaps even ostentatious crystal or glass light fixture.

A statement chandelier is perhaps most ideal for large spaces with high ceilings; the light fixture can provide illumination and become a focal point in the room.  A spectacular chandelier in the center of a room can command attention and set a unique and elegant tone for a bar or pub.

Seek to create a pleasant pub ambiance by utilizing the concept of color temperature

Color temperature refers to the temperature of lights (expressed in absolute temperature, in units of degrees Kelvin) in terms of the heat that they generate that occur from a given light source, whether natural or artificial.  The concept of color temperature can be counterintuitive but is very important for design and, particularly, lighting design.  Colors that appear “warmer” -- such as yellows, oranges, and reds -- are actually cooler in terms of their absolute color temperature.  These warmer-toned colors, with a lower absolute temperature, are the best match for pubs.  “Warm” color temperatures are actually, in reality, below the 5000K range.  So-called “cooler” temperatures are more bluish-white and are above 5000K in color temperature.

Color temperatures below 5000K are, confusingly, called “warm” and are more yellowish and red.  Cooler color temperatures work best in environments which seek to promote calmness and alertness, while warmer color temperatures make the space seem more cozy and inviting.  Pubs are typically meant to be an inviting gathering space and therefore, in most cases, pub designers should opt to use light bulbs in their light fixtures which generate more yellowish (warm-toned) light.  Pubs which are more of the type that allow guests to stop in for a quick drink can have a slightly brighter atmosphere  (e.g., with cooler-toned light) which promotes quick turnover.  Lighting in these types of establishments can be slightly more whitish-blue, with a color temperature from 2700-3500K.  Hospitals are an example of a place with significantly cooler color temperatures, which helps them look more clean and bright and accent doctors’ white coats; however, that is not the atmosphere you are going for in your pub’s design!

Once you have determined what color temperature your pub requires, look for light bulbs which can provide this color temperature.  As a convenient reference guide, here are the color temperatures for a few different types of light:

  • Candle flame: 1850K
  • Standard incandescent light: 2400K
  • Warm white LED bulb: 3000K
  • Natural sunlight on a sunny day: 5000K
  • Natural sunlight on a cloudy day: 6500K

Don’t forget about bathrooms!

While you may plan the design of the bar space itself to the letter, don’t forget about bathrooms, as they can be a place for people to socialize as they wait in line or wait for their friends.  Bathroom lighting is important so that your guests can see properly and be better able to safely use the bathroom facilities.  Patrons’ perception of your bathroom will also shape their overall view of the pub ambiance.

When lighting any bathroom, the focus should be on the providing adequate task and overhead lighting.  Pub patrons should be able to utilize all of the bathroom space safely and easily.  Ceiling-mounted lighting such as a chandelier is a great choice in the bathroom. 

A common mistake in bathroom lighting is not providing enough light, so be sure to add some wall or mirror lighting as well.  Make sure to light the bathroom space in a symmetrical fashion so that grooming is easier, and avoid downward-pointing light, which will be unflattering to bathroom visitors.  You may want to consider lamps on either side of the mirror instead of a light above the mirror.  If you do opt for an overhead light in the bathroom, consider a light fixture that shines light horizontally rather than directly downward to make the light more flattering.  We offer several chandeliers in our online store that fit the bill for bathroom lighting.

Energy-saving LED lights are your friend when it comes to pub bathroom lighting because of their long life and brightness, and can provide a more streamlined and modern look in the bathroom.  Make sure that visitors have adequate lighting so that they can see all of the bathroom fixtures, and of course, that they can navigate the bathroom space with ease.


Consider different light intensities in different areas of the pub, but beware of visual accommodation

You may wish to offer guests a brightly illuminated outdoor patio and bathroom for the best visibility in these areas, but opt for a more subdued light experience in the indoor pub to create a more intimate atmosphere.  For pubs that are part of a larger area such as a shopping center or restaurant, you may want to use more lights in the main entrance and in passageways and hallways for easier navigation.  Consider, also, the concept of visual accommodation: the eye is not used to significant changes in light intensity, which causes headaches for patrons traveling from a very dark place to a very bright place.  For bars that are operating in the daytime, you may want to use brighter lights so that your guests do not experience the discomfort associated with visual accommodation.


Consider how light affects alcohol you serve in your establishment

Beer that is exposed to ultraviolet (UV) or other visible light can experience a process known as “skunking” which reduces the flavor of the beer and lends it a stale taste.  Skunking can be harmful to the quality of beer served in your pub.  To reduce the effects of skunking, make sure to store beers in an area of your pub that is not exposed to direct sunlight or illuminated directly by a light source.  Many beers come in a dark bottle so that they are not as affected by the presence of light.


Ask for feedback on your lighting strategy

A common mistake that pub owners make in selecting light for their pub is to select light based on the design rather than its function.  The success of a pub lighting scheme is highly dependent on how individuals perceive the light in its interaction with the rest of the elements in the pub.  Therefore, you may want to obtain feedback from others on your lighting strategy once you have researched your light strategy and installed the appropriate fixtures.  Ask for opinions on the shapes of the light fixtures chosen for the space, whether the lighting feels comfortable and homey, and whether the person would want to visit this pub and have a drink.  Ask, also, regarding whether the lighting seems to mesh well with the other elements of the pub, including architecture and overall theme of the pub.  If you do not have anyone who can provide feedback, ask yourself these questions after you have installed the proper lighting.  Making sure that the lighting is consistent thematically with the rest of the pub’s details will help ensure a unique and comfortable ambiance.  Remember that lighting is designed for the person who visits the bar – not for the building itself.  This means that you may want to opt for “people-friendly” lighting with character and a good amount of ambient light rather than purely functional lights that may match the overall restaurant design but do not provide a good environment for relaxing and having a drink.

Experiment with different lighting looks until you find the right lighting plan

A pub is meant to be a fun and relaxing space and it may take some time and experimentation with different types of lighting schemas to figure out what works best for your pub space.  Our chandeliers can help provide the warm lighting your pub needs.  For the choice of light bulbs and other décor for your pub, you may need to experiment with a few looks to see what works best.  This can include testing out light bulbs against swatches of paint or wood that will be used in the space.  Above all, be sure to pay attention to the details – this can make or break the overall atmosphere.  Good luck and have fun!